Have Arrived, Have Internet

We made it yesterday! Jonathan and I arrived at the airport around 10 a.m., and my mom picked us up. Jeff made it the rest of the way here and arrived in the late afternoon. We're so thankful to be in our own place but pretty overwhelmed with all the unpacking and organizing that needs to be done.

Jonathan was so excited to be in our house yesterday and ran from room to room checking it out. He was most excited about the backyard and fort/swingset out there. He's really at the perfect age to appreciate it, and we had so much fun watching him climb up the bridge and go down the slide.

Our house appears to be in good condition so far, and the only unpleasant surprises have been the lack of overhead lights in the bedrooms and the lack of phone jacks in the house (just one upstairs and one downstairs!) Oh, and our two largest pieces of furniture-including a dresser-won't make it up the stairs. Of course, that's pretty minor, and we're thankful to be living here. I took pictures of the chaos in each room with the boxes and everything, and I'll post those soon so that you can see a difference later when we hang pictures and paint the walls. I'm itching to paint, but I guess I have to find important things first...like clothes and toiletries. :)

We are thankful to be here, but we sure miss everyone we left behind and are anxious to keep in touch. I'm about ready to hand this blog back to Jonathan so that you can enjoy some fun posts again! Keep watching for it. :)

Oh, and one more thing-as we unpacked the kitchen stuff, we found a carton of ice cream. Seriously. I'm so glad it was a plastic carton that was mostly empty!!!

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Caleb said...

yeah. WE are so glade you made it. Have been thinking of you lots over the past week. Let us all know soon how we can call you. We miss your voices.
The Boucher Family