Our Funny Kid

While we're enjoying time here at John & Cheryl's, I thought I'd mention some funny things Jonathan is saying these days. He talks from morning 'til night and is entertaining his grandparents. As you read his little quotes, you can imagine him concentrating and enunciating each word separately with a litte pause in between. The pauses are getting shorter, but he still really emphasizes each word.

Right before we left our town, when we were driving in the car, he'd often tell us, "Ready under train tracks." (There was a place to drive under the train tracks that he liked.) Now, he still asks to go under the train tracks, which of course we can't do, so we've told him there will be a train in our new town. So, at random times, he'll say, "Train-new town."

When we lay him down to change his diaper, he'll often turn over on his tummy and say, "Sleepin.' " And then he'll say, "Snorin,' " and make the snoring sound. We think this is so funny!

Jonathan has a lot of dog friends, and each day or two, he'll talk about all of them one by one. Today it went like this: "Flash dog not here. Norah dog not here. Dottie dog not here. Mitzi dog not here. Shelby dog not here."

I think my favorite quote from the Christmas season is that when he's seen a Nativity scene or Christmas star, he'll say, "Baby Jesus born stable."

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Jamey and Norah said...

Norah told me she misses you, too!

Love, Jamey