Misadventures of the New Kids in Town

Today is Jeff's first day at his new job. Since we have one car between us until the end of the week, Jonathan and I dropped Jeff off first thing this morning. Jonathan was in stocking feet and munching his breakfast. When we got home, I discovered that the garage door opener was not working, and I didn't have a house key with me. Ugh! I thought it must need a new battery.

We drove to the local grocery store, and while the store was very nice, it did not have the battery I needed. Nothing else was open. So, we drove the 13 or so miles to the town that I had heard had a Super Wal-Mart. We passed a Target on the way, but I thought Wal-Mart was more likely to have the battery. After asking directions and finding Wal-Mart, we found that it was not a Supercenter and also did not have the battery. Ugh again! So, we drove back to Target and, yes, found the battery.

Before our move, I vowed that I would continue shopping at Wal-Mart if it was cheaper for our family, even though Wal-Mart is not popular around here. Today, I changed my mind. The Wal-Marts here are not nice at all, and this one was out of several things I needed. I'm switching! :)

After all the shopping, we got home a little before lunchtime, switched the battery, and...the opener still did not work! Ugh! I drove Jonathan, still in his stocking feet, to Jeff's work to see if he could rescue us. He did, but I learned that there were TWO identical garage door openers in the car...one for our old house and one for the new house. I had been using the wrong one. Boy, did I feel silly. The great thing was that Jeff came home with us for lunch since he works so close to home. We loved that!


Ava said...

The garage door opener story is classic! So funny! Hope you are getting settled...can't wait to see pictures as things come together!
We Miss You!

Caleb said...

Mom says it sounds like a very bad, no good, rotten morning. We did have fun looking at Google Earth, seeing your house and the neighborhood. I think it looks like a good place to go for a stroller ride.