Playing with Kids

My mom has been trying to make sure that I get to play with kids as much as I can. Last week, we went to MOPS for the first time, and I loved it. We also went to a playgroup. Jared's nice mom, Amy, invited us to come. It was at Ella's house, and there were nine of us kids in all.

Today was playgroup again, but this time it was at Jared's house. Two of the moms and six of the kids couldn't come, so we had a small group. We play and then have lunch together. Here's a picture of all of us having lunch (except Mommy, who had the camera.) I did well until lunchtime, when I started crying and didn't stop until we walked home.

Mommy is really thankful for all these nice moms including her in their playgroup. I really miss my little buddies, and I always will miss them, but it's nice to have some new buddies nearby, too.

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Jamey and Norah said...

What fun--to have new friends! Thanks for showing us a picture. Mommy and I have been praying new friends would appear.

See you in less than two weeks!

Love, Jamey