Jumping & Jared

Here is one of my favorite places in the house. On the bottom half of the stairs, I'm allowed to jump down steps. (Don't tell Mommy, but Grandma lets me jump down more steps than that.) I hold onto the railing with one hand and to a big person's hand with my other hand, and I jump down the steps one at a time. Sometimes Mommy will make funny noises with my jumps, and that cracks me up. (You can also see that Mommy likes to put laundry here so that she can bring it upstairs on our next trip up.)

And, here is the little buddy, Jared, that I told you about earlier this week. Here I am with my mouth full because Jared kept putting apples in it. Our mommies both thought it was pretty funny. Jared and I spent most of our visit competing for trains. I think I'm in for some sharing lessons! Maybe I'll see Jared again soon.

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