But Not for Me

Somebody at Daddy's work is really nice and made everyone name cookies. Daddy's name is not very long, so he didn't get a lot of cookies. My name is long...do you think that the cookie maker would make my name? In general, I hardly ever get to eat cookies...

Daddy is learning a lot at his new job. It's really close to our house, which Mommy and Daddy and I really like. We have to drive past some train tracks and box cars to get there, which is great, too! It's easy to have lunch with Daddy, and I love to see him during the day before my nap. Keep up the good work, Daddy!

1 comment:

Ava said...

Your Daddy sure does have someone crafty in his office. He was lucky to get get 4 cookies...poor me would only get 3!
I sure do miss you!
Love, Ava