Carnival O' Fun

This past week, our friend Ms. Angie hosted a carnival for all the little kids she could find.  It was so much fun!

Here I am throwing a pie.

Ms. Amanda helps me get close enough.

This is a lollipop guessing game.

Our friend Ms. Dayna was the lollipop lady.

Our friend Ms. Jenee was at the goldfish booth.

I won two fish!

I decided I wanted to play a game on the bricks.

The octopus sprinkler was my favorite part.

Here are Emma and I taking a break and having a snack.  We are both known as good eaters in this circle of moms.

Here's the face painting booth.

I'm getting a dinosaur on my arm.

Isn't it a great dinosaur?

I had a great time at the carnival!  Believe it or not, there were lots more things to do.  Ms. Angie had a cake walk, a bouncy house, hot dogs and popcorn, and a goody bag for each kid.  Oh, and there was a water balloon toss, too.  I hope she hosts a carnival again next year!

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