Our Big Trip: Part 5

On the final leg of our trip, we stayed with Mr. Darren and Ms. Aleta, and we met our final cute baby, Scott.  Here he is!

Scott is hanging out while his daddy mows the lawn.

Daddy hasn't forgotten how to hold a baby.

My buddy, Paul, had a toy blower, and he shared it with me.  It was a fascinating toy!  Just like Daddy's.

Empty swimming pools are for jumping...if you're a three-year-old boy.

Paul took us to this amazing park that had water features and great playground equipment, too.  We even had a picnic.  It was so hot that the Mommies and Daddies wore swimsuits and got wet, too.  That's why this is the only picture we have.

Here are Paul and I getting read to go back to his house.

Paul had a train table with a car elevator.  I got to play with it for what seemed like hours.

All daddies and sons have things they like to do together.  Paul and Mr. Darren like to play Garage Band on the computer.  The whole time they did it, Mommy and Daddy listened, and I played with trains.

Here we are:  Our family, Scott, Ms. Aleta, Mr. Darren, and Paul

And here we are being a little crazy.

Goodbye, little buddy!   We sure had an amazing trip and were so grateful for the wonderful times we spent with so many friends!

I love airplane trips.  Here I am enjoying the sticker book from Ava.  I traveled really well.

I fell asleep almost immediately after we got into our car to go home.  And you know I'm not a real car sleeper.  I had crazy hair and was not too thrilled to wake up to eat breakfast on the way home.  But, I cheered up quickly when I got a cinnamon crunch bagel at Panera.

I grew up a little bit on the trip and seem quite a bit more social and outgoing since we got home.  Maybe that's because I was with other little buddies almost constantly.  It was great to get reacquainted with all of them.  I did lose a lot of sleep, though.  My first nap at home was four hours long, and Mommy and Daddy woke me up from it.  And that night I slept for fourteen hours.  Losing all that sleep was so worth it...we sure loved that time with our friends.

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