Fun with Ella

We haven't spent time with Ella in awhile-or Delia, either-and we got to yesterday, which was so fun!

First, we went to our MOPS water play day.  There were lots of kids, big and small, getting wet in all different ways.  And it wasn't too hot yesterday, so sitting in the shade and chatting was comfortable for the moms.

Here we are sharing a pool.

I like this picture because you can see my splash in midair.  (Just click on it!)  Isn't it cool?

After getting all wet, we all went out to lunch together at a sandwich shop.  All the kids had fun and behaved ourselves so that the moms actually got to eat, too.  Mommy and I had a great time with our friends!


Kelsey said...

What a blast!

Jennie said...

Looks like fun, buddy. Hey, I have the same swim shirt!