Beach Party

Do you remember last fall when I went to the princess party for Kaili and Kaci?  Well, I got to go to their house again today, except that it was for Kali and Karli's 5th and 4th birthdays.  They had a beach party!  As you can tell, their mom has a knack for party themes.  

Here I am playing in the ocean. Each kid got to take home a pool toy for a party favor.

Here is the sandy beach.  We also got to hunt for shells and take some shells home.

All the kids got into the beach theme right away!

Hunting for shells.

Here is their sandcastle cake made out of Rice Krispies.  This kind of cake could work for a boy's party, too, don't you think?

Time to sing!

And time for gifts.  I had a great time at the beach party today.  Thanks for inviting me, Kali and Karli!

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