Our Big Trip: Part 3

Here are some pictures of time with MORE special friends!

At Ms. Jenny's house, Mommy got to visit with Ms. Jenny, Ms. Karyn, and Ms. Kelli.  I got to see Nash, Ava, Jamey, Nora, and Jack.

Here I am with Ava, who is sharing her alligator with me.  What a good buddy!  Ava is going to have a new sister in December.

Ava LOVES Jack.  Ava will be a great big sister.

Ava and I turned a few somersaults.

Here's my buddy Jamey (and Ava, too.)

And here's cute little Jack...we met him for the first time on this trip.

Good buddies!  You can compare this picture to this one a year and a half ago.  We've all grown, haven't we?  We really missed seeing Emma Claire this time and we're sad she's moving away.  Mommy got to see her and Ms. Caroline for a few minutes, but I didn't.

Ms. Jenny, Ms. Karyn, and Mommy.  We sure had a good day seeing our friends!

We also spent some time in Jamey's wading pool.  I LOVED it.  Perhaps Mommy and Daddy will take a hint and find one for me.  Oh, but I forgot, I'm not allowed to breathe the air outside our house.  Never mind.

Ava is trying to comfort Jack, who is so cute when he is sad.

Did I mention that I love the pool?  But I love Jamey and Ava more.

Daddy was away on business during this day, so Ms. Jenny and Ava drove Mommy and me around.  And, Ava gave me a super sticker book to use on the plane.  I loved it!  Thanks, Ava!

Later we got to see Uncle Mel and Aunt Jan.  Aunt Jan always asks Mommy if I ever slow down. I think that she means that I talk a lot.  No, I don't slow down much.  Aunt Jan took us out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, and I got to play with my tractor, truck, forks and the sugar.  It was great to see my aunt and uncle.

While we were in town, my good buddy Maximus was in town, too, along with his family.  To see a picture of our families when we were moving away, click here.  I didn't get to see him, but the mommies and daddies visited and had brownies and ice cream after we were in bed.  And, Mommy and Daddy got to meet Maggie for the first time.  These friends were in town because Maximus' grandma has cancer.  We are praying for her every day and hope you will, too.  You can read about how she's doing here.  

My mom thinks Maggie is awfully cute.  We were staying at Sage's house at this point, and even though he wasn't home, he shared his baby toys with Maggie.  He's pretty nice!

Well, we're making progress on telling you about our trip...more to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that we linked you to projectnursery.com's post today. We found your link to Spool and loved it. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your trip.

rissaroe said...

We loved getting to visit with you guys.. even though it was a short visit. :-)

We miss you!