Fun with Girls

We're a little behind on blogging, so we'll start with yesterday and work on catching up.

After my nap, I had the great surprise of going to Ms. Jetta's and swimming with her girls and Ms. Jen's girls.  Ms. Jetta and Mr. Phil have a big round metal trough that is now a pool for the big kids, which includes me.  (That's how Daddy swam when he was a little boy, too.)  Here are all of us big kids, left to right:  Annelies, Ella, Kirsi, Thea, and me.  The little kids, Helia, Cora, Peter, and Delia, had a tiny baby pool to play in.
Sometimes Ms. Jetta makes frozen yogurt cubes for us as a special treat when we visit.  That's what we're eating in this picture.  Do you think my big grin is because I have all these girls to myself, or because I'm eating a special treat?  Or both?

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Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Is that treat simply yogurt frozen in an ice cube tray with a spoon stuck in it? If so, brilliant! I'm making some today.

Thanks for helping me out yesterday. We haven't made it to the store yet, but I feel better about Jack just eating his dairy.

Love, Karyn