A Second Session of Swimming

I finished my second session of level 1 swimming lessons last week, so I thought I'd show you some pictures.  Since I'm not scared anymore, I had a great time!  This week I'm swimming again, but I'm in level 2, which is very tricky.  I'm trying very hard to learn new things.  Here are the fun times I had at level 1.

We always talked about the rules before we got into the pool.

Kicking time!  I sure loved having five other kids in my class.  I had met them all before except for one.

All of us in level 1 decided we wanted to watch the big level 4 kids before we got back into the pool.  The big kids are going into first grade, and  all of us in my class are 3-4 years old.  I am the second youngest.

Time to get in!

We got to play with balls and life jackets on the last day.

Jumping time!

Here are my swiming friends:  Bailey, Sophie, Megan, Jacob, me, and Gracie.  I sure had a great time at swimming lessons!

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The VM Family said...

Hey! We know Jacob and Bailey!