Our Big Trip: Part 2

It's truly amazing how many special people we got to see on our big trip. Here are some more!

Here's my visit with Victoria, Christine, Nathan, and Gabriel.  During this time, Daddy was having adventures seeing some of his guy friends.  Since most of the daddies were at work, and most of the mommies were at home, we don't have pictures of Daddy's adventures.

Christine made this giraffe family out of Duplos!

Victoria is eight now and knows how to read to me!

And she can also make sandwiches.

Here's Gabriel, the youngest in the family.

We got to meet Emma, Ms. Aleasia's new baby.  All of Ms. Jennifer's kids love babies!  They were this way with me when I was little, too.

I'm helping Emma with her toy.

Here we are having lunch.  I ate and ate and ate!

Emma is pretty cute!

Victoria took this picture of the moms and the other kids who got together for the morning:  Nathan (almost 6,) Ms. Jennifer, Gabriel (2,) Mommy, me, Ms. Aleasia, baby Emma, and Christine (7.)  I had so much fun with all my friends.  They were so sweet to me.  It's good to be old enough to play by myself!

Here are Ms. Jennifer, Mommy, and Ms. Aleasia.  Mommy really misses scrapbooking with these friends!

I mentioned that Daddy had some adventures of his own.  One adventure was running into an old friend that we thought had moved away to work at a camp.  As it turns out, he and his family stayed nearby to work at a camp!  So, we got to see Mr. Geoff, Ms. Dana, and their kids (my buddies):  Eden (3,) Sterling (2,) and Liberty (6.)  We were thankful for the surprise of a visit!

More posing silliness...

and still more silliness.  "Lickstick!" is what we are saying.

Climbing on the rocks.  It sure would be fun to live at a camp like these buddies!  I fell down three times on this visit and got some really good scrapes and bruises.  Ms. Dana is an experienced mom and knew where to find a big band-aid.  She's going to have a baby in September.

Climbing the fountain.

Loving on Daddy!

Later that evening, we stopped by our old neighborhood and saw our old friends, Mr. Keith, Ms. Kim, Griffin, Colleen, Shannon, and Harrison.  Here I am with Griffin, one of my first babysitters (and I think I was one of her first babysittees.)  I had so much fun playing with Griffin while the grownups chatted and we all at cookies.  (This is the family that gave me my growth stick.)  We sure miss our neighbors.  Thanks for the great visits, everyone!

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