Our Big Trip: Part 1

Here's our first post about our trip.  We hope you enjoy it!  We had a fantastic time with lots of people we love.  As soon as we got off of our airplane, Mommy and Daddy could feel the humidity.  All I could feel was that I wanted to go to bed, but I stayed happy and traveled very well.  I sure do love airplane trips.  We kicked off our trip with time at Sam and Katherine's.  (Click here to see all of us together the day we moved a year and a half ago.)  We posted lots of pictures and they're really small, but if you click on them, they get big.  You can also save them to your own computer when they're big.  Mommy says she'll email pictures out to our friends as soon as she can, but hopefully these will work for now.  We'll do all of our trip posts like this:  with tiny pictures.  We really loved seeing our friends for the first time in way too long!

Here's Mommy doing one of her favorite things with three of her favorite kids.  And we're enjoying it, too.

Sam, Katherine, and I are all old enough now to have conversations with each other and play independently, too.  The grownups loved to watch us.

Just thinking.

Talking to my little buddy, Katherine.

Katherine likes to climb.  Uncle Brian tried this with me, too, but I wasn't interested.

Sam and Katherine have a big valley in their yard that's perfect for turning somersaults.  We turned zillions of them.  I named this place the Somersault Court.

I love somersaults!

I sure do love to be pushed on the tricycle...

And Katherine is a strong pusher!

Time for slide jumping.

Katherine's turn!

Sam's turn!

My turn!

Thanks for the help, little buddy.

Daddy makes a great wrestling horse.

Katherine with Daddy

What to do when the mommies are not at the breakfast table.

Daddy taught Katherine and Sam how to talk into the fan to make their voices sound silly.

I think the Potato Head glasses look cute on Katherine.  Mommy says that Aunt Amanda used to wear them like this when she was little, too.

Two buddies walking into the restaurant...

What to do with a napkin when you're two.

After dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, it RAINED!  We were so excited, especially Mommy.  And we had the treat of a huge thunderstorm overnight.  At least, Mommy thought it was a treat.  I thought it was scary since I hadn't been through one since our move.

The clear picture of all of us, but not all of us are smiling.

The blurry picture of all of us smiling.  I love you, Aunt Anna, Uncle Brian, Sam, and Katherine!

Here's a picture of Aunt Anna and Mommy.  There aren't many pictures like this around since the mommies are usually taking care of the kids or taking the pictures!  And that's only going to be more true for Aunt Anna soon...Katherine and Sam are going to have a new brother or sister right around Mommy's birthday in December.  We can't wait!

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Amanda said...

Yes! I loved wearing the potato head specs!! And high five to Jeff on the stacking...I've been wanting to check out those new jugs they came out with.