Our Big Trip: Part 4

More pictures! And here's a note to our friends that we visited: Mommy hasn't sent pictures out yet, but remember, you can click on any picture to make it big and then save it to your computer. And she'll try to send them out to you soon.  This is the second-to-last post about our trip.  We had a great time seeing all these people we love!

Here are Ms. Rochelle and Sage.  We stayed at Sage's house while he was on a mission trip to Italy.  He finally came back and had learned how to pull up in his crib, so Mommy lowered his mattress.  We had never met Sage before!

Sage is good at sharing.  And look at how much difference three years makes between two boys!

I love Exersaucers.

Since we had already gotten to see Ms. Jennifer and her kids, we spent some time with the other home fellowship group ladies and their kids.
Here's my buddy, Caleb.  Now that we are older, we have more fun together than ever before.

And my dad.

Here we are with Ms. Dorothy, who is reading us a firetruck book.

Bonding with Caleb.

Here's Ms. Rochelle with Caleb and Sage.  She's one popular lady!


Here's Ms. Dorothy with Liam.  This was our first time to meet him, and he's so cute.

In the car with Owen and Sage.  Even though this was our first time to meet Owen, too, I didn't get a good picture of him!  Ms. Dorothy and Ms. Amanda were so nice to drive us home since we didn't have a car.

Here are the mommies who got together that morning with all the little boys:  Mommy, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Dorothy, Ms. Rochelle; me, Caleb, Owen, Liam, and Sage.

It's good to be little boys.

Later in the day, our whole small group got together, including the daddies, but not including Mr. Shawn and Ms. Jennifer's kids.  I missed them!  We were at Mr. Gabe and Ms. Dorothy's house, which they finished remodeling.  It looks great!  And all our friends cooked some really great food, which we loved.

There is a lot going on in our group with all the little ones crawling around!

What a papasan is for.

One last read with Ms. Rochelle.

How to ride in the car.

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