Welcome Home to Us?

While we were gone, the weather was kind of nice and the air got sort of healthy again.  Now that we're back, the air is getting unhealthy again and it's getting HOT!  It's going to be over 100 degrees all week.  Way over 1o0.  112 degrees today.  It's a good thing my swimming lessons are in the morning  while it's just warm, not hot...and I hope that the air doesn't get so unhealthy that they get cancelled.

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The VM Family said...

What is UP with this crazy area we live in?? My mom and dad were just laughing at the news last night. Somewhere between the bad air we can't breathe, the blistering temps we can't be outside in and the energy crisis we can't run our a/c during, we're supposted to live life locked in our closed up, hot homes!

Hope you're surviving!
Love, Ella