I don't have a picture, but I thought I should tell you about a big part of my day.  It's bonding.  When it's time to lay down to sleep, I ask Mommy or Daddy (but usually Daddy) to read books and bond.  We lay together in bed, read books, chat, sing a song, chat, pray, chat, and then Mommy or Daddy leaves so that I can go to sleep.  If it's Mommy, we lay on our tummies to read, and sometimes I lay on her back.  If it's Daddy, we lay on our backs to read, and sometimes I lay on his chest.

When it's time to wake up, I usually ask whoever comes to get me to read books.  Sometimes they say yes, and sometimes no, depending if we have someplace to go in a hurry.  But I sure do love to bond, and Mommy and Daddy do, too.

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Jennie said...

Bonding sounds fun, Jonathan. Your buddy, Nathan, always says, "I wanna snuggle you" after we read books at night.