Too Much!

Yesterday, as my mom mentioned, was a little bit too full for us.  Mommy likes to have more wiggle room in her day, and I like to have time to play at home.  Usually that happens, but not yesterday!  Here's what we did yesterday:

  • MOPS
  • A quick visit with Great Grandma
  • Naptime
  • Gymnastics class
  • Dinner with good friends at their house
Yes, you did read that correctly-a gymnastics class!  In May, our favorite mom/kid activities will be finishing for the year:  MOPS, BSF, and Moms Time Out will all be taking a break.  My mom and dad have been watching me and thinking about what I might like to do this summer besides play and relax (and we'll do lots of that!)  I'm becoming more and more boyish in my play (meaning more rambunctious and physical) but still not super coordinated.  So, they thought I might like to run, jump, and tumble somewhere besides the living room.

All the gymnastics places around here give at least one free trial class for new kids.  So, I get to try them all out and then my mom and dad will choose the one that's best for our family.  I had a ton of fun yesterday at my class.  I was grinning 95% of the time.  (5% of the time I was crying because I was scared of the bar.)  But I sure had a great time.  I can't wait until my next trial class...on Friday.

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The VM Family said...

That sounds so fun! Just today I got really interested in doing head stands after seeing a picture in a book. I'm excited to hear more!

Love, Ella