An Excellent Day

I have to tell you all about yesterday!  I spent a fantastic morning with Ella.  We found new ways to play with the Exersaucer.
We also went to the library for storytime and a craft.  I liked the stories but played with puzzles instead of doing the craft.  I left that to Ella since she is so crafty.  Ms. Jen helped Mommy choose some new library books for me to read, and when I'm done, I'll give someone else a turn.  After the library, we had lunch at a sandwich shop, and I had grilled cheese, my favorite.

After Ella's house was Pizza Day!
This guy is an expert at coloring, and he's only four!

Here's Daddy showing me how to make my pizza dough.

Mr. Joel was there with Ella (a different Ella, of course) and Mary.

This is what flour is for.

Here we are watching the pizza travel through the oven.

Did I mention I liked watching Calvin color?

Here's a group picture of the kids who got to come to Pizza Day.  Let's do it again next year!

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The VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan,

I'm glad you had so much fun making pizza. That first picture of us is so funny! My mom didn't even see me in it until my dad commented on it! I had lots of fun on our morning journey to the library and sandwich shop. And now I like to read my stories the way the librarian does (stopping after each page to hold it up and show the pictures to my "audience"). You should try it!

Love, Ella