A Full Weekend

When I woke up on Friday morning, the fun began! Not only was Daddy home, but Uncle Jake (who has been promoted to "Uncle Jakey") and Aunt Laura had come for a visit.  We spent a wonderful Friday and Saturday with them.  I think they came here just to see me!  We'll share more pictures soon, but for now, here's one of all of us on Saturday afternoon.  In the morning, Daddy ran 26 1/2 miles, and then Aunt Laura cooked a delicious breakfast for us.  Then, we took a hike and I threw rocks in the water.  Here we are:  Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Jakey, Aunt Laura, and me.  Thanks for the great visit!

On Sunday, after Mommy and Daddy and I went to church, we took a trip to see some of our family from Daddy's side.  We spent a great afternoon with Daddy's great uncle Earl and aunt Bev (which makes them my aunt and uncle, too!) and Ms. Tammy, Mr. Mike, and my favorite, Hannah.  I played with Hannah all afternoon.  I hadn't met any of these relatives before, and we had a great visit.  Here we are:  Hannah, Mr. Mike, Ms. Tammy, Aunt Bev, Uncle Earl, Mommy, Daddy, and me.  Thanks for having us!

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