Gardening with Daddy

I asked Daddy if we could work in the garden tonight, and he said yes!

Here we are checking on the strawberries.  When we started our sideyard project, we moved the strawberry plants (still alive from last year) over here.  They are very happy, and they're making blossoms and fruit.  (You can see that I am using Daddy's tools so he can use mine.)

Our lemon tree and our baby orange tree are blooming, and they smell so good!  We hope we'll have oranges on our baby tree for the first time this year.  We'll let you know sometime around January.
Here I am bringing some lemons in to Mommy.  Do you like my gloves?

Daddy and I decided it was time to plant some basil.  It's very hard to be gentle with those tiny seeds.  Mostly I watched.  I had a great time gardening with Daddy.  After dinner tonight, I told him, "I had a great day with you, Daddy!"  And I sure did!

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