Marathon Weekend

Here are the pictures of our weekend away.  Click on any of them to see them larger.

Here's the sunset the night before Daddy's marathon.  It was too chilly to spend much time on the beach.

Here's the balloon that I chose to give to Daddy at the finish line.

Here I am with Daddy at the finish line.  We were so proud of daddy for finishing a very difficult course on a warm day and setting a new personal record.  My dad is the best!

Here are Daddy and Mr. Mike recovering.  Mr. Mike has some better pictures that we'll share soon.

The frog needed a nap just like the rest of us...especially Daddy.

The day after the marathon, the trip got fun for me.  We went to the aquarium!  I had been excited for days.  Special thanks to Aunt Corinne and her parents for the free guest passes.  It was such a special day!

I loved watching the fish, especially the big sharks.

I got my wish to touch starfish!

This is so much fun for little kids and big kids!

More touching.

This is what I call the Scary Place, and I really didn't like it at first.  It's a glass tunnel that has a wave crashing over it every few seconds.  After I got over not liking it, it became my favorite.  It's a great place to sit on your mom's lap.

Here are the fish enjoying the crashes of those waves.

And here's the real ocean.  We're looking at the sea lions and birds and divers.

Daddy and I like to touch the sea creatures.

Hello, little fish!

These jellyfish were Mommy's favorites.  We were all amazed at the huge variety of ocean creatures God made.

When we took a lunch break and I was almost done with my sandwich, Mommy surprised me by letting me choose a shark cookie.  Sharks (the real ones, not the cookies) were what I was most excited about at the aquarium, but if you ask me my favorite, I'll tell you I liked the sea otters best.

The shark had to take a swim before I shared it with Mommy and Daddy.  I should mention that Mommy had some local clam chowder in a bread bowl, which she said was fantastic.  I tried it like a good sport.  Daddy had some yummy local artichokes.

Clowning around with Mr. Mike and Ms. Karen

"May I please have Daddy hold me."

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The VM Family said...

Oh yay! We've been checking your blog regularly for the weekend pictures (and enjoying the videos in the meantime). It's so fun to see you in places that I was just at. Wasn't the wave room awesome? Didn't you love touching star fish? I'm glad you had such a fun time "on may-cation":)

And congrats to your dad on a personal best!

Love, Ella