**UPDATED**From Mommy

Hi everyone,

Soon our blog will have a slightly different look!  I've won a free blog header, custom designed for our blog.  If you click on the Mommy Blogger badge to the right, you can see the web designers who will be sharing the header with all of us!

I've been thinking about doing a slightly different title for our blog as well as slightly different small script under the title.  (Our blog content won't change, though...it will still be written from Jonathan's point of view except when I take over.  :)  )  I need to share that with the designers.  Do you have any suggestions for title and text?  I'd LOVE to read your ideas!  Just leave me a comment!  I need some help getting those creative juices flowing.  Just don't use our last name or location.  Thank you!!!

**UPDATE**  I'm going to keep this post at the top of the blog for the next few days in hopes that I'll get some ideas from you...you can look down below this post for new pictures as I post them.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How 'bout "Jonathan's World" for the title and (Life from the eyes of a growing firstborn) for the small script under the title? Perhaps this will spark some more creative ideas. :-)

Love, from the firstborn's grandma--baby of the family.

The VM Family said...

I'm a big fan of alliteration...
How about something like "Just Jonathan" or "The Journey of Jonathan"? I'll keep brainstorming. You know I love this kind of stuff! :)