We're Back!

We just had a fantastic time cheering Daddy on in his first marathon since I've been in the world. He beat his personal best time and we're so proud of him. We have lots of stories to tell, but we're tired, and we're all going to bed in our own rooms. Little buddies, in case you wonder, it's very hard to fall asleep in a hotel room with your parents. It can be done, but it takes awhile, depending on how much talking they need to do. Anyway, I'm posting two movies just for you to help you be patient until tomorrow when we'll hopefully be awake enough to share some pictures and tell some stories.  (By the way, I hope you'll comment with an idea or two on Mommy's post below.  She got a couple of helpful responses, but she'd LOVE some more.  She needs HELP!)

OK, here are the penguins...

and the jellies!  Enjoy, little buddies!

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