WFMW: Wonderful Wedding Gift (by Mommy)

It's Works for Me Wednesday! If you're a new visitor, welcome! Our posts are usually written from Jonathan's point of view, but on Wednesdays, I sometimes take over.

I want to share about a wedding gift that we received from Jeff's parents' friends, Roger and Marlene.  It's simple, useful, heartfelt, and's a homemade cookbook!

Marlene took a simple photo album for 4x6 pictures and filled it with recipes (and also some Bible verses and other wisdom.)  I love this cookbook.  I can look through and choose a recipe knowing that a real wife has actually used this recipe and her family has probably actually eaten it!  And, spills and smudges don't hurt the recipes.  As you can see here, some of the recipes are typed, and some are photocopied.

Some of you crafty gals might enjoy making this into a scrapbook type project, but I think something simple like my book would be enjoyed and used just as much.  A new bride might appreciate this sweet gift even more than the things on her registry.

And as you can see, I'm still using "Works for Me!"

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Playful Professional said...

I love the fact it's in protected sheets cause I always spill on my recipes!!

Edi said...

I love that idea. Would be especially great if it's for a family member and you could include family favorites from different relatives.

Leslie said...

What a great gift! I just got married a few months ago and have struggled with recipes. I would have loved this as a gift.

Debbie said...

Great idea!

Ter said...

good idea! :)

Louise said...

What a sweet and loving gift! I'm sure you will cherish it for many years. Thanks for sharing.