WFMW-Awesome Birthday Gift (by Mommy)

It's Works for Me Wednesday!

In our old town, we had some amazing neighbors.  They were our neighbors and our friends, and we'll never forget some of the outstanding things they did for us.  The December that Jonathan was born, we decided that we wouldn't decorate the outside of the house for Christmas because taking the lights down would be too much to tackle with a new baby in the house.  Much to our surprise, when we came home from the hospital with Jonathan, our neighbors (with the help of some other neighbors) had decorated our home for Christmas.  It looked beautiful, and we were so touched!  (I don't know how they found time to do it, because they had been to visit us at the hospital with their four children!)  They also placed a huge stork on our front lawn, proclaiming, "It's a boy!"

For Jonathan's first birthday, they made an especially meaningful gift for him:
It's a growth chart!  Some people have grown up in the same home for their entire lives and have always had their height measured at the same spot.  Some of us won't have that.  I know that Jonathan won't!  But, we will be able to take the measuring spot with us wherever we go!  This is just a simple 2"x4", but our friends painted it and decorated it for us.  It was a truly meaningful gift.  Every year, we mark Jonathan's height on it on his birthday, and if he's blessed with any siblings, we'll do that for them, too.  If we need to move again, we can take the special chart with us and bring along that little piece of family history.

Here's a closeup.  We have it attached to the molding of the doorway with sticky tack (or is it called poster putty?)

We truly miss our neighbors:  Kim, Keith, Griffin, Colleen, Shannon, and Harrison.  Thank you for your kindness to us!  A meaningful gift from sweet friends:  "Works for Me!"  (And click here to check out more great tips at Rocks in My Dryer!)


Cindy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog I said, we LOVE the zero degree child's sleeping bags. The bags come pretty quickly after you order them. I hope you get to go camping soon!

And thanks for this great tip...we've had separate markers for the kids that end up being taken down, but this is a great idea for all three kids as they grow!

Life In Progress said...

That is so cute! It seems like just about everyone I know is pregnant right now, so maybe I need to get hubby working on helping me make some of those!

Heart of Wisdom said...

You have some very special neighbors...Be very thankful to God. What a gift.....

Thanks for sharing.