Day With Daddy

Today, I spent the day with Daddy. When he got me up in the morning, we went for a run together since Daddy's training for a marathon. After that, we went out to eat waffles! For the rest of the morning, we went looking for hiking gear, went to Home Depot, and had lunch at Taco Bell. My favorite part of the day was going to see a model train exhibit.  We did so many fun things together, and I just love being with my dad.  All the fun makes for a great afternoon nap.

I got to spend so much time alone with Daddy because Mommy went to a big meeting for MOPS today. She learned a lot about being a better mom, and that's great for me. If you're a little preschool-aged buddy reading this and your mom hasn't taken you to MOPS, I hope you'll ask her to give it a try! You can click here to find a group close to you. Your mom will get to do something interesting for moms while you get to be with kids your age to play, make something, and learn something, too. All around, it's great for moms and kids. And it's especially great because I got to spend the day with Daddy!

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