How to Use Crayons

My mom found these great triangle crayons at Target and thought they'd help me with my grip when I write.  As you can see, I found something much more interesting to do with them.  While I was building, my good buddy, Caleb, called.  He wanted to talk to me!  It was great.  It was hard to explain my building to Caleb, so here are some pictures for you, buddy.  (Sorry it took a few days to post them.)  The day these pictures were taken was a great day for Mommy because she got calls from three friends who are moms of my little buddies:  Jamey's mommy, Emma Claire's mommy, and Caleb's mommy.  We still miss all of our old friends very much, even if we haven't talked to them all on the phone lately.  But back to the crayons:  I highly recommend them.  I don't know if they help with gripping, but they are great for building!

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Jennie said...

Nathan loves those crayons too, Jonathan. I like them because they don't roll onto the floor as easily.