Another Bit!

We went to church under the big top!  This church didn't have a building yet, which isn't really a big deal when the temperature is just about perfect all the time.  We learned about Hawaiian Time here.  Church actually started about half an hour after the time listed.  All part of the relaxed culture!  Most of the sides of the tent were open, so we could look out at the mountains and landscape while we worshiped.

At the beach for a picnic after church

We took a helicopter ride to see the island!  A big splurge that was totally worth it.  I hadn't realized that 80% of the island is inaccessible to people because of the rugged terrain.  By taking a helicopter tour, we got to see what most people never see.  The beauty of God's creation literally took my breath away.  I was overwhelmed by the amazing things we saw!  Here are a couple of pictures Jeff took from inside the helicopter.  I was concentrating pretty hard on not getting sick, but the ride was still totally worth it and I'd jump at the chance to do it again.

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