Works for Me: Toys Worth Buying

This week's WFMW is timely, with Christmas (and birthdays, for us!) around the corner.  I'm joining in the blog carnival of "Toys Worth Buying."  If that's how you found us, welcome to our blog!  We've found these toys to be well-loved over a long period of time by our son who is almost four.  (A lot of them are gender neutral, too.)  Enjoy our list, and hop over to Rocks in My Dryer for more great ideas!

(A sidenote:  At our house, any gift involving vehicles of any kind has been a big hit.  That's the obsession here, and the obsession at your house may be different.  I didn't list those, or the really obvious things like Crayola markers, a red rubber ball, etc.  We love all those things, too!)

Ten affordable favorites, in no particular order:
  1. Maxim Ramp Racer (a little obscure, but a wooden classic that is easy for preschoolers to share.  It's also small and inexpensive.)
  2. Books of all kinds!  We especially love the Storybook Bible
  3. Lego Quatro and Duplo blocks, which are compatible with each other and Legos (I can't find a retailer for the Quatros right now.  They seem to be easier to find at Christmastime, though.)
  4. Little People:  Farm, Noah's Ark, and Nativity Set
  5. Radio Flyer Tricycle
  6. Wooden Railway:  Thomas, Ikea, or anything compatible (we don't have a train table.  Our son loves to build all over the place!)
  7. Melissa and Doug puzzles
  8. Mack truck with Hot Wheels storage (comes with 20 cars, has space for 20 more)
  9. Wooden blocks
  10. Magazines:  Ladybug, Your Big Backyard, National Geographic Little Kids

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