Last Night in Paradise

I think this one was taken at a resort we visited (where we didn't stay) in Hanalei.

On our last night, we were treated to a full moon and a clear sky on the same night. Jeff did a fantastic job of planning our trip from figuring out how to use our airmiles (a skill in itself!) to finding a great place to stay to finding the most beautiful places to go. But the full moon was a surprise, even to him! And I think this may have been our only clear night. What a gift! (This picture was taken from our little condo.)

We decided to have a progressive dinner on our last night. We split a sashimi appetizer here (and mine was cooked, of course.) Our most delicious stop of the evening!

We split an entree here. Best ambiance, but not our favorite food. When our waitress found out about our progressive dinner and our dessert plans, she tried to convince us to stay at her restaurant. We wanted chocolate, and the only chocolate thing on the menu was chocolate silk pie that included nuts and tofu, and possibly cherries. Um, no. We wanted unadulterated chocolate!

We split a dessert here. I'm pretty impressed that we got a self-portrait at each place. :) Then we headed back to our condo so we could pack up for our early-morning flight, and also for the last night of falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the reef.

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Grandma H said...

That full-moon pic looks like a postcard. Thanks for the little taste of Hawaii each day! And - I agree that chocolate definitely needs to be eaten without tofu and/or cherries.