Helicopter and Shave Ice

More falls from the helicopter.  It was the strangest sensation to be able to fly near a waterfall, hover there, and turn around to go back in the other direction.

After the flight.  I didn't lose my cookies!  We took lots of helicopter pictures because of Jonathan's love for vehicles and because of our Compassion child, Peter.  Peter turns six on Jonathan's fourth birthday.  He dreams of being a pilot someday and likes to draw us pictures of helicopters.  Now we have some pictures of real ones to send to him!

This picture is for you, Jo-Jo!  Our wonderful guidebook to Kauai said that this was the best shave ice on the island.  I had never had it before, and it was delicious!  The bottom of the cup holds a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  The top is the flavored shave ice, but it's not the crunchy, snow-cone stuff.  It's ice actually shaved with a razor so it's soft, and the flavoring isn't sickly-sweet like snow cone flavoring.  I chose root beer, so when I had eaten the ice, the melty part down with the ice cream flavored it all like a root beer float.  It was amazing.  We tried shave ice one more time after this but it wasn't half as good as at Jo Jo's.

Here's Jeff's.  He's much more into tropical, fruity stuff than I am!

I tease Jeff about his iPhone, so I had to include this picture.  This is a typical shot of him with his phone.  I have to admit, it was nice to have his phone along to capture extra pictures, to look up details on our drives, and to read emails from my mom about how Jonathan was doing.

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Grandma H said...

I'm totally enjoying all these pictures!! No comparison to "slide shows" of other people's vacations I remember watching as a child. Can we come next time?