The Best Day

Almost every day, we got to the evening and thought we had just had our best day. Really every day was fantastic. We wouldn't have changed any of them. But, our last day was the most meaningful, by far.

After spending the morning at the beach, Jeff surprised me, and we renewed our wedding vows.  He had made arrangements with the pastor of the church we had attended, and he led us to an almost-deserted beach where we made our promises again, after almost ten years.  Of course, I didn't make it through without getting pretty weepy.  I was so touched.  I can't imagine a better gift.

Here we are with the pastor.

"I still do!"

Don't you love that we are standing on lava rocks?

Here's the lighthouse we could see in the distance.

What a perfect day.

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Ava said...

Looks like a dreamy vacation! I am so glad you got to go! Your tummy is so cute!
xoxo, jka