Thankful Thoughts-from Mommy

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeff and I were struck by Jonathan's turkey that he made at MOPS because all the things he was thankful for were people.  We're thankful for people, too!  We are thankful for so many things-freedom, a steady job, a safe home, etc.-but we really are thankful for all the people who are such blessings in our lives.  We couldn't begin to list the family and friends who are so special to us.  Each time we move, we leave more special friends in our wake.  We miss all of you!  But new places have given us the opportunity to meet new special friends, as well.  To all our loved ones, near and far, know that we thank God for you today.  And that especially includes those of you who read our blog.  Thank you for taking an interest in our lives.  The efforts we put into sharing our lives here are for you!

Much love to you from our family!

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The VM Family said...

Awww, we're thankful for you guys too! Happy Thanksgiving!