Thankful Thoughts

At MOPS, we talked about being thankful.  We colored turkeys and our teachers wrote what we were thankful for on the turkey tail feathers.  Here's what I told my teacher I'm thankful for:

We also learned a Bible story about being thankful.  Here's what I told Mommy about it:
"I learned about mans that were sick and Jesus helped them.  Then I also learned one man didn't go home, he came back and told Jesus, 'Thank you!'  And their hands were better and ALL their parts were better!"
It was a great, true story.

One more observation I shared with Mommy today:  "Baby girls LOVE pink things!"

Here's what Mommy is thankful for today.

Our camera has been doing this...

only occasionally, but with increasing frequency.  I'm thankful that it did not do it in Hawaii, or on Christmas Day, or on some other really important occasion.  We have been big fans of this camera for nearly five years and have used it to take nearly 25,000 photos and movies.  We hope it will hold out for a little longer, but it has served us well!

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