More Hawaii

Here's one of the new dishes we tried:  Saimin.  It includes noodles cooked in broth (fish or otherwise.)  The Japanese say it's from China and the Chinese say it's from Japan.  It was pretty good!  We got a Costco membership before our trip and were thankful we did so that we could find some decent gas and grocery prices on the island.  Then we didn't need to eat out for every meal.

This is the walk/hike to the beach from our condo.  Little did we know that the mosquitos were waiting for us along the way.  I'm not sure whether we got 50 or 80 mosquito bites apiece during the week...but it was a lot!  The mosquitoes were usually not around, so we'd forget about them, and then be surprised to find we suddenly had 10-15 bites appear.

Amazing sunset from our little condo

Overlooking the Hanalei valley.  You can see the rained every day of our trip, but never long enough to spoil our fun.

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