On our layover, we learned about the bombing at Pearl Harbor and were able to visit the memorial to the USS Arizona.

Our time in Honolulu was one way to get us closer to the "real world" mindset quickly.  There were freeways and crowds.  We had to stand in lines, and the weather was hot and muggy.  And, we were there to remember the sacrifices that my grandparents' generation made for freedom.

We took a picture of this marker for the USS Nevada because my grandpa served on this ship as an electrician. We know that Grandpa was on the USS Nevada at Normandy because we were able to talk to him about it, and we have visited Normandy. But, I don't remember ever talking to him about Pearl Harbor. We think he was here, too. The ship was retrofitted after Pearl Harbor and went on to continue serving the in the War.

Here is the memorial to the USS Arizona as we saw it on our shuttle boat.  The memorial sits over the ship which is still underwater.  This was a really emotional experience to think of all the people who lost their lives the day of the attack and gave so much to our country and other countries as well.  And not just because I'm pregnant and weepy.  The memorial affected us deeply.

I set my lei flowers free over the Arizona.  It seemed a fitting way to remember the men entombed in the ship.  You can see the oil slick seeping up to the surface along with the blossoms.

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Grandma H said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it was very emotional - I get all choked up just reading the short summary of your day there.