The Wooden Park

The highlght of last week was going to this wooden park with Ella. Ms. Jen discovered it and let us in on her secret. I think it's my new favorite place to play!

Here Delia and I are playing with the chimes.  She really is growing up and not just a baby anymore.

All three of us!

I'm in the sandwich.

Ella and I loved the tire swing.

And look what Ms. Jen found for us to look at!

(A big shout out to "JoJo," Graham and Wesley's mom, who gave me this t-shirt.  My mom managed to squeeze me into it for one last year!)

I had a great time with Ella and can't wait to go to the wooden park again.  I'm so happy to be with Ella again this morning while Mommy goes to the midwife for her big 22-week ultrasound for our baby.  She'll try to post about it tomorrow.  I think we're having a boy.  But since Mommy and Daddy aren't planning to find out what the baby is, I'll keep waiting!

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The VM Family said...

Oh man, the secret's out...:)