Hawaii Bit by Bit: from Mommy

I'm going to tackle the pictures and stories from our trip bit by bit!

It was such a gift to us to be able to go on our trip to Kauai. Earlier this year, we had been pondering a big trip to celebrate our 10th anniversary in summer 2009. But in July, when we found out about our bundle of joy on the way (and recovered from the sweet surprise,) we realized that we needed to celebrate early if we wanted to have a trip for just the two of us.  We were so happy to find out that Jeff's airline miles from business travel would get us to Hawaii!  And, what a gift that my mom was able to take care of Jonathan for us.  She even took pictures of him while we were gone (the ones I posted) that helped us feel connected while we were apart.

Neither of us had ever been to Kauai before, and it turned out to be the perfect fit for us.  Jeff has turned out to be quite the trip planner, and he did lots of research to decide which island, where to stay, what to do, etc.  His love of research is a great trait!  Kauai was quaint, not crowded, not touristy, and of course, beautiful.  Here are just a few of the pictures we took.  I'm sure you'll be glad that you are not sitting through a slide show by the time we're done.  You can take this at your own pace!
Sunrise from our little condo

Sorry, we're both squinting into the sun here!  (Opaekaa Falls)

We toured a Hindu monastery and botanical garden on our first full day.  Let's just say that we didn't convert to Hinduism.

Things grow big when it rains every day!  (So, apparently, does my belly...it grew by leaps and bounds while we were away.)

Gorgeous Wailua falls.

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The VM Family said...

After our Hawaii trip, I wanted to go back into your archives and reread about yours. I'm seeing lotsa love and waterfalls so far...looks familiar! :)