Another Post from Mommy

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers, visits, phone calls, emails...they have meant so much to us.

Let me get to the point by saying that Jonathan didn't have his CT scan today. The sedation was not heavy-duty enough to keep him asleep for the test. So, the doctors said that we should reschedule and sleep deprive him MORE next time-put him to bed at 10 and wake him up at 4 a.m. For our kiddo who sleeps 12 hours at night, that's going to be rough. We'll post on the blog when we have a new date (and if we decide to put our family through that. :) )

So, here's what happened, if you want the long story:

First of all, we were VERY thankful that there were no diarrhea episodes at the doctor's office. Whew!

First, the techs tried to see if J. would be still for a 30-second CT scan without sedation. Of course, 30 seconds is forever to a 2-year-old, so that didn't work out. Then, they gave J. his sedative, which he swallowed like a champ, and we put him to bed on one of the two hospital beds in the small room where we were to stay with him in the dark until he fell asleep. Amazingly, he did fall asleep. The next job was to pick him up, put him on the exam table, and do the CT scan while he still slept. Of course, he woke right up when I picked him up. So, we put him back to bed again. He tried to go back to sleep but was scaring us to death by squirming around on the hospital bed and almost falling off, so Jeff went to get a pack 'n play from my mom.

Three more times we put J. to bed in the pack 'n play, he fell asleep, we got him up to do the CT scan, but he could not stay asleep to do the test. The CT machine (and especially the moving exam table) scared him. He has never been sedated before, so we really thought it would knock him out, but it really just made him act intoxicated. This trial-and-error process took the entire morning.

So...we don't really have any news at this point, but I do want to thank everyone again for everything you've done to support us. It means so much! And, we may need more of the same again soon. :)

Jonathan is in his beloved crib taking a real nap now. Jonathan's mommy and daddy would like a nap, too! :)


Caleb said...

What a day! I guess you got to take lots of little naps and see a big CAT. I can't believe you get to do it all again. Have fun:-)


Jamey and Norah said...

Oh my... I'm so sorry you get to do it all over again. And all that sleep deprivation doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Please keep us posted.

Love, The Elliotts

The Growing VM Family said...

What?! To go through all that and not even have the test-- how frustrating!! We're so sorry your day did not go as smoothly as we were all hoping...

Love, the VMs