A Trip to the Doctor

Today, Mommy took me to a new doctor-not because I'm having a birthday, but because she wanted a second opinion about my old doctor's concerns. So, here's what we found out:

First of all, I'm very tall. I'm 38 1/2" tall, and the doctor and nurse could not believe that I was that tall even though I'm only two. Also, I weigh 34 lbs., 10 oz., which makes Mommy happy because I still have not outgrown my current car seat, which will work until I weigh 40 lbs.

Next came the concerns. The doctor is not worried at all about me being pigeon toed. She is sending me to an opthamologist to make sure my eyes are working OK and also to get a cat scan to make sure that there is nothing inside making my face grow a little crooked. I don't know about the opthamologist, but I really like kitties, so hopefully the cat scan will have something to do with them. I'll let you know how those things go!

And now, here are some fun pictures to look at.

Here I am riding my tricycle on the patio with Daddy's help.

And here I am reading the paper. This is what Daddy and I like to do on Sundays before church. Daddy would really like one of these fancy TVs like Emma Claire's daddy has, but I'd settle for one of the racecars on the TVs instead.

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