Pictures of Great Grandpa

Yesterday was Great Grandpa's funeral, so we spent the day remembering him. I thought I'd post some good memories of him here, too. Special thanks to our family and friends for your kind wishes and prayers.

Even though this picture is blurry and dark, I like it because Great Grandpa is kissing me on my head the first time we met.

I have always been pretty squirmy, but he did a good job hanging on to me. I'm four months old in these two pictures.

Here we are at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house. We are all laughing and having a great time. This was the weekend that we visited to see Aunt Corinne and Uncle Todd get married, and I was nine and a half months old.

I like this picture that Mommy took at Christmastime in 2005.

This is a more recent picture, taken in January at our house.

And this one was in February. Remember, Great Grandpa knew all about tractors, so he's showing me the tractors in my book.

And here we are sharing some beans. I'm not much of a lap sitter, but I liked sitting in Great Grandpa's lap.

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