Discovering the Yard

Hi, this is Jonathan's mom again! The first year in a house seems to be all about discovering what comes up in the yard. I thought our friends and family who are out of state might enjoy seeing what grows around here. We've been pleasantly surprised so far!

We have this pretty tree in our front yard that the bees love. It's done blooming now. A lot of the other houses in our neighborhood have this kind of tree, so the street is really pretty when they are all blooming.

Even with our "hard" freeze this year, the begonias survived and are blooming. I'm really happy about that! They were alive and blooming when we moved here before the freeze in January, and they are the border around most of our flower beds in the backyard.

Here are some more begonias coming up - surprise!

The flowers that Jeff's parents planted for us are going strong. They worked hard on our yard while they were visiting, and we really appreciate their help.

We also have ferns, some pink flowering bushes, and some redwood trees. The pink bushes are popular in the rest of the neighborhood, too. We love the redwoods!

Our lemon tree is simultaneously blooming and producing ripe lemons. It has been doing that the whole time we've lived here. I don't know when lemon season ends, but we're enjoying the sweet smell in the yard for as long as we can!

We also have some Japanese maple trees that we love. There are a few other trees that we're waiting to identify.

This is Jonathan's favorite part of the yard!

We are really thankful for all the things that are growing in our yard. We're enjoying the spring and seeing all the new life around us.


Jamey, Jack, and Norah said...

Hey Amy,

After seeing your lemon tree in person and in this picture, I'm thinking it's a Meyer Lemon (like my grandma's). If it is a Meyer (I could be wrong), they bloom and fruit throughout the year. My grandma gets lemons pretty much year-round. They slow down in the summer, but still she has lemons.

I hope it is a Meyer! Of course, I'll be jealous, but I try and be happy for you... :-)

Love, Karyn

The Growing VM Family said...

Hi Jonathan (and Mom),

Is it okay if we stop by some time in the next few days and grab a lemon off your tree? We have to bring snacks to Bible Study on Tuesday and one of our cookie recipes calls for lemon peel. You ARE lucky, our lemon trees are done for the winter. :(

Love, Ella and Jen

Ava said...

Hi Jonathan,
My Mommy wants a basket full of fresh lemons! Could you send some our way? Your backyard looks very exciting! Wish we could play!
I miss you terribly!

Bo, Shae and Brinson said...

We apologize for not keeping up with you lately. So first of all I wanted to say how deeply sorry we are to hear of your great-grandpa's unexpected passing. We also love the pics of your gorgeous landscaping and fruit trees! Very nice, we wish we were better at that kind of thing. Lastly, we will be prayerful regarding your cat scan and what that may present in your future. Of course, we hope for the best and celebrate your uniqueness...there are not many people who can say they are asymmetrical! we hope to see you soon.
shae and brinson