More About the Almonds

The almond trees closest to our house are in full bloom right now, and Mommy and I took a short walk to look at them yesterday. When we weren't talking, we could hear the buzz of the bees as they did their work, and each time I took a breath, I could smell the sweet almond smell. We had a good time running around! I told Mommy, "Want Mommy walk in hallway you." (Of course, that meant that I wanted Mommy to walk down the hallway of trees with me.) For all our dear friends and little buddies far away, we hope you can imagine how beautiful spring is here!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Just flipping through your blog archive to find those great almond blossom pictures I remember from last year.

Look how much you've grown! And how fun that we've been buddies for a whole year now!

Love, Ella