Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Today after my nap, we went on a bike ride! It was such a great surprise. It was a little different than riding in our old town because there are no hills here. Our new town is completely flat, and I think Daddy misses the variety. But, it was still really fun. I got to ride in my trailer that Mommy and I found a year ago.

Ms. Jen needed some lemons from our tree, so we decided to take them to her on our ride. When we got there, we invited Ella to join us. You can see what she thought of our ride by clicking here.

I loved riding with a buddy! Last summer, I only had a couple of buddies who were old enough to ride with me, and we talked about taking a ride together but put it off. Now I know what we were missing!

Here we are, all snuggled in for our ride. We had such a great ride together!

After a ride with Ella, we stopped for some ice cream. Daddy is so good at surprises like that. I'm really glad he's done with his business trip.

We had a great Sunday afternoon!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Hey Biker Buddy!

You got ice cream too?!! What a great day. Thanks for picking me up and letting me share a short part of it. As soon as Mom is done typing, we're going to make lemon cookies.

Love, Ella