Going to the Snow

Here are some pictures of our trip to the snow on Saturday.

I love hiking in the backpack!

Mommy and Daddy thought these little trees looked like they came from a Dr. Seuss book.

They also say, "This puts it all in perspective," whatever that means!

Some more perspective: me kicking the snow next to a tree that fell down a long, long time ago.

We thought we were going to see trees, but we were surprised by the snow. The snow was several feet deep, and Daddy's legs kept falling in. Mommy thought this was so funny since she didn't fall in much. (I thought it was funny, too!)

Here's Daddy getting me out of the backpack so that I can go in the cave, which is really an old, hollow tree trunk.

Here I am with Mommy inside the tree/cave.

We had such a fun day together!

I think these snow people had a fun day, too.

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