My Big Boy Bed

My big boy bed is here! First it was Mommy's, then Uncle Todd's, and then Aunt Amanda's. Now I get to sleep on it. Even though it's really old, it's going to work great for me. Uncle Todd and Daddy went to get it from Grandpa's house this morning, and the brought it to our house in Uncle Todd's truck.

Here they are taking it up to my room. (This is the bottom of the bed.)

First, I wanted to try it out with Daddy. You can't tell, but the comforter from Grandpa and Grandma and the sheets from Uncle Todd and Aunt Corinne are under us.

Next, I wanted to try my new bed with Uncle Todd. I can be just like him!

This was the best part: I got to ride in Uncle Todd's truck so that we could go get our car. What a great day!

Thanks, everybody, for helping with my bed. I'll let you know when I start sleeping in it, and how that goes. My crib is still in my room...I just love my crib, but the big boy bed is very tempting.

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Jamey and Norah said...

Yeah...people around here are starting to use that big-boy-bed word, too. They claim I can decide in my own time, but still, I'm a bit worried. You'll have to keep me posted on how it goes at your house. Until then, I'm staying in my crib!

Love, Jamey