A Note from Mommy

Hi everyone,

Jeff is back safely, and we're all so glad to be back together. And, he loves the paint. :)

I wanted to let you know that Jonathan's CT scan is scheduled for Friday, April 6 (Good Friday.) The doctors want us to keep him up until 10 the night before and wake him up at 4 the next morning. Supposedly that will help the Chlorhydrate (sedative) work better. I called a children's hospital that specializes in this to see what they might do differently, and they use general anesthesia to make sure the kiddos don't wake up. The doctors at our imaging center want to avoid general anesthesia if possible. So, if you know of any reliable and safe methods for helping Jonathan to stay asleep during a CT scan, please leave a comment here. We're searching for suggestions!

Thanks, everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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