Back to Normal

My dad has been on a trip. This time it wasn't a business trip, but a trip doing guy things like camping and hiking and getting dirty. Someday, I'll be big enough to go along, but this time I stayed home with Mommy. 

Mommy showed Daddy her love by letting him have the camera all to himself on his guy trip.  As you can imagine, this took a lot of love.  But Mommy really loves Daddy, so it wasn't so hard.  

I showed how much I love Daddy by helping Mommy miss him.  And the way I did that was by keeping Mommy on her toes the whole time Daddy was gone.  I have learned the fine art of arguing, and Mommy doesn't seem to appreciate it.  So, I'll keep trying to get her to appreciate it.  At any rate, we've very glad Daddy is back, and the guys had a good time.

For today, we're just going to share a couple of pictures that we thought the grownups would appreciate.  They show how much gas costs at Daddy's camping destination.

Dont' worry, Daddy filled up the tank close to our house where the prices were not quite as shocking.  Still unpleasant, but not quite so bad!

(In other news, I have started swimming lessons this week.  I go every day this week and every day next week.  I'll tell about it in another post!)

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The VM Family said...

Blisterin' hop toads! Look at those prices!!